Lets Talk Leave-In

Hey guys, today  I am talking about leave-in conditioner. It is a battle that many of women (and man?) have started in order to find the perfect one, that leaves your hair moisturized, and soft. With so many of them on the market it can be hard and frustrating (I know from experience), and i still have not found my perfect one yet. But here are some i am using that are just sufficing for now, and some that i love!

*No product pictures are mine

1. The datangler: First off this product smell delicious, so fruity and light, and i love the fact that it that the smell stays in your hair. This stuff detangles my hair like no other that i have ever tried, this is why i love it for wash and goes. It makes my curls pop and stayed popped ha ha.

Cons: This does nothing for moisture, this is why i am looking for something else, BUT i am getting over my product junkyism, so it might be awhile, unless i really trust the product to be awesome

Price: 11:99 for 8 oz, i think that’s reasonable as it lasts me forever, but i also don’t do wash and go’s all the time


Results: Image

2. The when i don’t care about defined, or super moisture ha ha: Okay so this product is just eh to me. The smell, how it works all of it. I am using this too use it up basically. I love that it is light and creamy and doesn’t weigh my hair down though. I use this more when i want to do  up do hair styles or i don’t need super moisture. I love this though for re-moisture, i add this, grape seed oil, and water to a spray bottle to re moisture in the morning and night.


Cons: doesn’t work for what i want it to in my hair, and smell

Price: $14.99 8 oz, too expensive in my opinion, i won’t be repurchasing


3.Unyevu (oon-yay-vu) Butter: I love this so much, i have had it for about a week and it is awesome. I definitely want to try more things from belle butters. Unyevu is made up of butters and oils; Shea butter, avocado butter, mango butter, etc. I makes my hair so moisturized, soft, and shiny, i love it, this had definitely become a staple.


Cons: The smell is not my cup of tea, it smells too musky, but i actually like it once it is in my hair

Price: $14.00 for 4 oz, so definitely pricey in my book, but i really love it, so will repurchase a bigger size


Here are the products on my hand so you can see the consistency:

Image1. hair rules 2. Knot Today 3. Unyevu Butter

So even though i have found products that work two could be better, so i am still on the look out. But my suggestion is especially for winter go with a butter  they are easy, last a long time, and you can make them yourself, There are so many; Shea, Avocado, Mango, to name a few, that you’re bound to find one that works.

Have you found your holy grail leave-in, if so what is it? Thanks for reading!!

Links: http://www.target.com/p/kinky-curly-knot-today-leave-in-conditioner-detangler-8-oz/-/A-13044269




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