My Favorite Tooth Brush!


Hey Guys! Okay, Okay, so while this might not be the most interesting beauty subject, Teeth are part of beauty too, right? So today I am talking about my favorite tooth brush. So I may have established that I prefer my products cruelty free, and things that help the earth. That’s why I love the Preserve tooth brushes.  I love that they are made out of recycled yogurt cups, and other recycled plastic, how cool right? They come with a curved handle for easy gripping, and are BPA free (always a plus with plastic), and they are also made in the good ol’ USA. But my favorite thing about them is that when you buy a new one, you put the old one inside the package, put on a piece of tape, and drop it in the mailbox box, and you’re DONE, you have officially recycled it. Its hassle free, I love it, you don’t even have to pay for postage. Yay, I love these and have been using them for about a year, so i suggest you guys check them out. 

Price: $2.79-$3.50-around same price point as Colgate and what others

Where to buy: Online, but i get mine from Whole foods or Trader Joe’s



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