March Favorites!!

Hey guys!! So today i am talking about what my favorites have been for March, from make-up, to fashion, and even random (though none this month).  My first favorite is a sweater i got from Old Navy. I love it, it cost about $17.00 and it’s so great for spring!


My next favorite is a wallet I got from Target,  I really like this, it is really sturdy and goes with everything, though i only use it when going out. I also like how the texture jazzes it up a little. It was $14.99 a pretty good price for what it is.


Next up is this Bobble water bottle, I freaking love this thing. I got it for $9.99 at Barnes & Noble. I like this because it is a convenient size to throw in my bag to class and work. But my favorite thing is that it comes with a filter!


My last favorite for march is this matte lipstick from Wet & Wild, i love it, and I have been wearing it almost everyday this month. Best thing is it is only $1.99. It lasts forever, and with lip balm under, is not dehydrating to your lips.


Well that’s all for now, thanks for reading 🙂


I got the sweater on clearance at my Old Navy, and i didn’t see it on sight.


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