April Glam Bag!



Hey ya’ll! So today i am writing about my Ipsy bag that i received this month. I totally have a love hate relationship with subscription services. On one hand i love the surprise and new products, but i hate when (in my opinion)  they suck. But I think that they are worth it if i can get at least one product that i love!  Anyhoo here are the products:

1.Be a Bombshell: Beach Please, I love the name

I loved this! I totally ordered from them as soon as i tried it (which i will post about later). Don’t be fooled by the internet picture, this  is  so much brighter in person, a bright, hot pink. The left is the first swatch, and i was like OH, but then i blended a little, and i was like OOOH. It is pigmented, blendable, and stays on all day. I like the packaging, it reminds me of M.A.C’s,  But these are a little over 5g while M.A.C is a little over 6g.

Beach please 3blush beach please

Price: $16: I definitely think it is worth it for the quality i like these better than M.A.C blushes

Pros and Cons:  All Pros

Worth it? YES


2.HealthySexyHair: Soy renewal

This in not typically a product i would go for, but i decided to give it a shot. This was terrible, it made my hair feel dry and sticky, i washed immediately. Being a curly gurl, my hair loves oil, but not this. Maybe because all of the good ingredients were at the bottom of the ingredients list?


price: $21.95 Not too bad if you love it, since you’d probably only use it a once in awhile

Pros and Cons: No Pros

Worth it?: NOPE


3. MicaBeauty: Mineral Eyeshadow in Earth

So this was an EH product for me, mostly because of the color, it is not something i would really wear, maybe every once in awhile, mostly because of the glitter. Also me and mineral eyeshadow do not get along, i love them, but sometimes trying to put them on is a pain in my rear, so i don’t use them very often. Just admire them from afar :).

Mica beauty


Price: $14.95, umm a little steep in my opinion, but what do i know (*cough *cough M.A.C eyeshadows)

Pros and Cons: Um no Pros or Cons

Worth it? Nah i’ll Pass


4. Miss Professional Hair Color: Sation

Okay, so i liked that this is full size, but that’s the only positive.  I know this is a baby pink polish, but it was WAYYY too sheer. It did nothing. Plus the formulation wasn’t the best, kind of gloopy.


Price: $5, okay i guess, but shoot an $1 NYC nail polish it better than this

Pros and Cons:  Cons Not the best formulation and too sheer, Pros it was a full size product

Worth it? Nah


Do you suscribe to Ipsy, if so tell me what you thought about this months bag? Thanks for reading!!









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