TJ Maxx Haul!


So i went to Tj Maxx several days ago with my mother just to browse (yeah right), and picked up a few things. I really am starting to love TJ Maxx, i didn’t use to like it, it used to be too cluttered for my tastes, but now the ones around me are very well organized. I think you can get really good deals, and i actually like that they don’t get the same things every restock, it’s like a surprise every time you go, though it does sometimes brings out the impulse buyer in me ha ha, i justify it’s not going to be there next time, so i must get it now. Genius right?…or maybe not :). Anyways here is what i got.

1. Neon green Jessica SImpson crossbody: I really love this, i love bright colors and pretty much wear them all year long, but in spring in summer i get to overloaded on them yay. I am really into  smaller bags lately so i thought this is perfect, the strap is long, size is perfect, and it well made, score!

Price: $24.00, originally $48

Worth it?: YES

2. Steve Madden Sunglasses:  I really like these, they’re oversized, without making me look like a bug, really stylish and comfortable


Price: 9.99, originally $40

Worth it?: Yes

3. Peace, Love, Juicy: I actually thought this was a different Juicy Couture fragrance, and no not VIVA La Juicy (too juvenile for me), so i thought it was fruiter, since that’s the scent i usually gravitate towards. I looked it up and started to take it back, since the words ‘grass’ ‘outside’, ‘floral’ jumped out at me, and i usually HATE floral fragrances, since i there are a rare number of flowers where i like the smell. But lo and behold i love it. It does smell like outside, but with a mix of fruitiness, and stays on me for a long time, after multiple handwashes and sleeping it stayed on. 


Price: $30, originally $89 (on sale for $39.97)

Worth it?: yeah i think it was pretty good for 3.4oz

4. White purse: I like it i originally wanted a white bag on Justfab, but i waited too long and now it’s gone :(. But i really like this bag, it’s crossbody roomy, and cute.

Price: $19.99, originally $30

Worth it?: Yeah, not sure how a white purse will last so went inexpensive

Oh yeah also got a pair of shorts ha ha, nothing special though. All in all a good shopping trip, sorry most of these things are not in stock anymore, but i am sure you can find some other great things though! What have you bought lately, and do you like shopping at TJ Maxx? 

Links:,-love,-juicy-couture-3.4-oz-edp/719346135733,default,pd.html (love these one too) 



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