Revlon Sassy!


hey ya’ll! Today’s post is going to be pretty short,  but it’s about a  nail polish i’ve been liking lately. Mind you green, especially this color green is my favorite color, but i have to be in the mood to wear it on my nails. But i have been wearing this all week, it’s a fun color to look down and see on your nails. The formulation is awesome, one coat and it is opaque  but i do two thin coats to make sure it is solid. It also stays on for several days without chipping, the brush i just okay though in my opinion. But if this is up your alley  you should definitely check it out! Thanks for reading. P.S sorry about the nails, took it before touching them up, also just getting over years of chronic nail biting, haha don’t judge me 🙂 I got this last year but i still see it in drugstores.

What is a nail polish for spring you’ve been loving lately? 


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