Wet n WIld Mega Impact Mascara


Hey Ya’ll! So i found a new mascara i really like, i have been using the Tart one and i really like that. But a few days ago i put on my makeup, left the house, and realized i didn’t have mascara on, this happens to me more often than i like to admit ha ha. Usually i’d just be like “eh” but i had a work meeting and after was going shopping and to lunch with friends. So i decided to stop at CVS and pick up a mascara, and i wanted something pretty cheap, so i picked up this, and i really like it. I loved how full it made my lashes look and feel. I hate when my lashes feel dry and crunchy. This mascara didn’t do that. Plus the formula is perfect for me, not to dry or wet.


The wand is awesome, like how fat it is. Here is my eye with the mascara on. 



Here is my eye without it. As you can see it made my lashes look fuller and curled them up.


All in all this is a good mascara for a great price. You can buy wet n wild at most drugstores.

Price: $4.99

Pros and Cons: Pros- great price, makes lashes fuller, curls lashes, great formula, Cons- not for me because i usually focus on full lashes not length, but this is not for you if you like  lots of length, as it did give me some length. 

Thanks for reading! What mascara have you been loving lately.



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