May Favorites!

Hey ya’ll! So this is my first post of this kind. But I love reading/watching monthly favorites, so I decided to do my own post of the things I have been loving this month!

Beauty Favorites:


1. Wet & Wild-Mega Impact: I Love how this make my lashes look, good formula and a great price

2. Benefit-Porefessional: I l really ike this, it helps my makeup and it feels good on my skin, I don’t think I would continue to use it everday out of laziness, but this month I did

3.Juicy Couture-Peace, Love Juicy Couture- This is great for summer, it smells really fresh. clean and frutiy like flowers

4. Spoiled-Tip Your Waitress: Love this hot pink polish

5. Sally Hansen-White on-I use this under bright nail polishes to make them neon

6. Lorac- Pro Palette: Love this, so versatile and I have been using it all month

7.  Elf-setting Spray: I like this, I had a sample of the Urbay Decay one and I loved it, but it is sooo expensive.  I might cave and get it later on though. I do feel as if the Elf one did a good job though

 8, Essie-Aruba Blue: Love this bright blue color

Fashion Favorites: 

1. Target-Dress- Love this, been really into floral print lately


2.Glasses-NY& company: Love these, and they were only $7.99


Random Favorites:

1.Phone Case-Ebay: I got this from Ebay and I love the color, and how sturdy it is


2.Nook Color: I love the nook, great for reading. At first I never used it, and just kept reading  regular books, but I have really been liking it for travel and an awesome bonus is that I can rent books on it  from the library


3. Workout-Iphone App: I been working out more to lose weight and get fit, and i love this, it motivates me during the workout, has videos for the exercises, and has a wide range of workouts

Thank you guys for reading and let me know what you have been loving this month!!


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