Simple, Easy, Makeup, still going strong!


Hey ya’ll so I have totally still been wearing this makeup look all the time, yes it’s still going strong. I am a creature of habit sometimes, though I promise to post how I am changing it up soon. I just thought it would be cool to post on how I pair the same eye look with different cheek and lip products. So this is the makeup that I have been wearing recently, since I do work with children five days a week, I want to keep it easy, and not too much so it doesn’t slide off my face when I am playing four square at recess, Ha Ha four square is intense when we play!


As you can see, it’s not too many products, and I also didn’t use foundation or anything with this look, it is pretty much the same products as last time.





1. IMG_0916

I love this lipstick, I was going to get  RiRi Woo, but I bought Ruby Woo instead  and I love it, I am a sucker for matte lipsticks. If you put on lip liner, this stays on all day, through eating, drinking, and whatever you are doing.


I really love this sleek countour kit, I am pretty sad that the highlighter is breaking though :(. I have been using this thing everyday for months, and have yet to hit pan. I really like this Murad concealer for pimples, but I am not a concealer connoisseur as I have not used man… yet.  I love love this cream blush from NYX in hot pink, it is pigmented, blend-able, and lasts for a long time.


Love Love this Mica gel eyeliner, I got in an Ipsy bag a few months ago, it stays put all day. As you guys might know this is my all time favorite out of any cream shadow, this is Top Brass from Benefit. It great as a base and on its own, or even paired with one other eye shadow.

4. IMG_0922

I really like this eye shadow from the Balm I got in and Ipsy bag, I really want to get this whole palette.


This eyebrow palette is the second one I have got from NYX and I love it, though on hotter days I do use brown gel from elf instead of the wax because it will sweat off, and not stay out.

Well thank you guys for reading, and what makeup looks or products, that you can’t seem to stray from lately?


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