Easy and fast Hair style: Braided Perm Rod set

Hey Ya’ll so I was browsing YouTube for new hair styles to try, and I got inspired by videos on the flexi-rod braid out, so I decided to try the look. So I tried it and while I did like it, I didn’t like how it shrunk my hair up. The flexi-rods are longer than my hair, so I had to wrap it around the braid, instead or just wrapping it around the end, like you can do if your hair is longer. So I decided to use perm rods instead, they are smaller, so I can just wrap them around the ends of my hair.

Products: Perm Rods, Hair Rules leave in (trying to use it up) Naptural85’s oil, Denman Brush, and Ecostyler Gel (the clear one).

Here is the Oil Recipe:


Step One: I did this style on stretched old hair. I took sections of medium sizes, braided it halfway down, then wrapped the  part that’s not braided around the perm rod.




Step Two: I then put on my silk bonnet, went to bed and woke up and removed the perm rods and took the braids out from my hair.



Step Three: I added avocado oil to my hands, to help cut down on frizz, as I took the braids out from my hair, this is right after I took my hair down.



Step Fours: After Lots of rubbing with the balls of my fingers and using the pick at my scalp, this was the end style and I loved it.



Thanks for reading! What styles has YouTube inspired you to try lately?





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