My Summer!!

Freedom school

Hey ya’ll! So I know I usually talk about makeup and fashion, but I wanted to talk about something more personal, which is my summer. So this summer I had the chance to work with Freedom Schools as a Servant Leader Intern. Freedom Schools were started by the Children s Defense Fund, to continue their movement of helping children have better futures. I want to go into education so, this is not my first time working with children, but this is one of the most meaningful. My summer with freedom schools, has taught me so much about myself, my goals in life, and about children in general. Children might not always do what you ask, but they might just do it better.

Something you planned might not work out, but might turn out more fun. You should never underestimate a child, because you are doing them a disservice, and you never know what a child is going through at home. Our children might not come from the most prosperous neighborhoods, but that does not mean that they do not deserve the same opportunities in life as everyone else, where a child comes from should not determine where they end up. Working at Freedom Schools have given me a chance to try to make these things I just stated and  believe in a reality. I know I touched some of these children s life, who have ended up touching mine in a great way. No matter that I missed out on sleep, was challenged everyday, frustrated, and aggravated, It was all worth It in the end.

To see these children smile, dream, hope, and have their voices heard was worth everything. I’ve had an amazing summer, and I am sad to see it end. But just because it is over, does not mean that I will stop fighting for justice for everyone, but especially justice for children. ALL children deserve to be healthy, happy, safe, and have the necessities to reach their full potential in life.  It’s a shame that all children do not have these basic rights and we have to work together to help make children’s life’s better, because we don’t do it, then who will?.  “my theory is strong people do not need strong leader”- Ella Baker. Thank you for reading, hope you like this deviation from the norm on my blog. What causes are you passionate about? I’d love to know!





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