Tarte Sweet Indulgences 3-1 Holiday Gift Collection

Hey Everyone,

So I am back! Yeah I know I’ve said that before…but this time it’s personal, see what I did there. Anyways enough of my blabbing, let’s get back to the reason for this post. So I’ve been stalking all of the holidays sets coming out on Sephora, ULTA and the like, to you know give as gift, ha ha who am I kidding keep for myself. I really love holiday gift sets because they’re an awesome way to try new things, re-buy products you love, and to save money (usually) and get more for less. So recently I partook in Sephora VIB 20% off sell, and I said to myself, well I’m done. But then Tarte announced at QVC sell on Instagram, which at first I kind of ignored, because I am not a QVC shopper, but then they showed the Tarte Sweet indulgences gift collection, and I was like oooo that looks cool, and I’ve been wanting to try Tarte since i have never tried them before. But then i looked at price, and was like no way! Then they offered a one day deal of 10-12 dollars off, and QVC has a 3 easy pay option, which is super cool btw! So long story short I broke down and bought it. Here is the unboxing and my first impressions:

Price: $65

Shop At: Exclusively at QVC

So first of all I love the wrapping, it’s so pretty and you can definitely reuse the boxes! So this holiday set came with 2 full size mascaras, 2 full size blushes, 3 full size eyeliners and two eye shadow palettes. I think that this is an awesome deal considering the blushes alone are $26!

IMG_3536    IMG_3538  IMG_3539



Lights, Camera, Lashes:

I’ve actually tried this mascara before as a sample and really liked it, but it was expensive and not amazing so I never repurchased it, but I love the small wand because it makes it easier to catch the inner corner eyelashes.



Characol, Plum, and Bronze:

The eyeliners seem pretty creamy, but as creamy as the Urban Decay ones. I’ll have to try them out and see about the staying power.




Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush: Savored & Pampered

I really like these blushes they are really soft and not chalky like some powder blushes. When I swatched them on my hand the color seemed really harsh for my skin tone, but when I swiped them on my face really quick they looked nice. I’ll have to try them out still because I did already have blush on! Sorry about my hands by the way.


I swatched the lipsticks too.



Rare, Wonder & Indulging:

So I love the smell of these, I am going to try these out, because honestly these are colors I would never purchase, because there are so many colors better for my skin tone. But I tried on wonder and actually kind of like it so I think I could make it work. But I really don’t think I’ll get much use from Rare. The lip-gloss I haven’t decided yet, though I do like the non-stickiness of it. Also the lipsurgences are a good creamy formula, plus they smell amazing, like peppermint!




Pinky Promise, Taupe of the world, You look mauveless, Just malt away, Pampered pink, Dare to be gold, Show plum love, and Wind down down brown:

I do like the colors, but by first impressions i am kind of underwhelmed, I’ve definitely had better eye shadows, it’s mostly the pigmentation, these are with one swipe. I am going to play around with them and see. The texture is pretty smooth, and the colors are pretty.





Vanilla Candles, Coming up roses, Haxelnut bon bons, Champagne buble bath, Bronze cuff, Feeling grey-t, Expresso yourself and Cinnamon Latte:

I pretty much have the same opinion on this palette as the first one, but I feel as if  this pigmentation is a little weaker, though I do love the names they have for both eyeshadow palettes.




That is all for my review, thanks so much for reading. I will definitely do another post after I have had a chance to try these out more, and look out for a new post on Wednesday on a makeup look I have currently been loving. Also let me know if there are any holiday sets you have been loving lately!

Have an awesome day,









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