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I’m am 22 yrs old, and I go to Ohio State University (Go Buckeyes). I made this blog because I love beauty and fashion. I know there are a lot blogs out there (which i love to read).  But none that i have seen, that say, while beauty and fashion are fun , you shouldn’t use them to hide who YOU are. You can wear makeup, love shopping and clothes but still be silly, be fun, be weird, and just be your own person.  I am a college girl, living on a college girl budget, but i can still have fun with make-up and Fashion, and not buy EVERYthing (even though  sometimes i want to 🙂 ) .I believe we shouldn’t try to quiet our voices just so we can be like everyone else. We should try to do things we don’t normally do, talk to people who have different ideas than we do, and do things a little bit weird. I think that reading, traveling, learning new things, and yes beauty and fashion can help bring that out in us.  I also LOVE to read, so i’ll be doing book review, and other things.  Thanks for reading!!!


Contact: Walker.1145@osu.edu
Instagram: Nakeya1891






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