My Shea Butter Mixture for Skin and Hair.

Hey Ya’ll, I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did. I went and stayed at my sister’s house in Akron and we had a great girls weekend hanging out, shopping, and she got her nails done. By the way,  am I only girl who really doesn’t like getting fake nails on? I love how they look, but after about a day I am ready to tear those freakin things off my fingers, because they feel weird to me and are a nuisance ha ha, so I usually just get them done for special occasions. Sorry for the rant, anyways back to my post. So I wanted to talk about the benefits of a Shea butter mixture and how I make mine.

First of all you want to make sure the Shea butter you have is completely pure. The Shea butter on the left is some you don’t want to use, I got this  at fair, and while it might be pure, the yellowish orangish color means that a dye has been added to it. The Shea butter on the right  I got from Whole Foods, and it is pure, no dyes added, pure Shea butter should only be a white, ivoryish, or off white color!

Compare Shea


I made my mixture by first taking the Shea butter, putting it into a bowl and whipping it with a hand-mixer, I did this until most of  the lumps and bumps were out of it. I don’t know if I don’t know how to use a hand-mixer or what, but I had Shea butter flying everywhere. Then I added my oils: Tb of Coconut oil, a teaspoon of almond, a teaspoon of grape-seed, and Tb of Extra virgin olive oil.




Coconut Oil: Moisturizes, Conditions, Prevents dandruff, and able to penetrate strands

Almond Oil: Prevents hair loss, Provides shine, and Strengthens hair

Grape-seed Oil: Light, odorless, and protects against moisture loss

Olive Oil: Adds extra softness, Penetrates strands, and Helps split ends and flyways

I used these oils because of the moisturizing abilities, and lightness compared to other oils but you can use any you want, I am a big user of oils in my hair regimen and I believe there is an oil out there for everyone. After I add the oils i used they hand-mixer again until everything is light and fluffy, this is what it looked like:

Shea butter


After I am done I just put it back into the container it came in:

Finshed shea butter


Benefits of Shea Butter:

  • Successful in treatment of various skin aliments
  • helps restore elasticity to the skin
  • intensive moisturizer
  • helps to minimize stretch marks


This is really easy to do, and very nourishing, especially for natural African-American hair.


  • To moisturize after my leave in when i co-wash or wash my hair
  • to moisture cuticles
  • to moisturize lips
  • to relive dry feet
  • To moisturize skin

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you found this informative. Have you ever made a Shea butter mixture, or do you have any favorite hair oils? I’d love to know!



My Summer!!

Freedom school

Hey ya’ll! So I know I usually talk about makeup and fashion, but I wanted to talk about something more personal, which is my summer. So this summer I had the chance to work with Freedom Schools as a Servant Leader Intern. Freedom Schools were started by the Children s Defense Fund, to continue their movement of helping children have better futures. I want to go into education so, this is not my first time working with children, but this is one of the most meaningful. My summer with freedom schools, has taught me so much about myself, my goals in life, and about children in general. Children might not always do what you ask, but they might just do it better.

Something you planned might not work out, but might turn out more fun. You should never underestimate a child, because you are doing them a disservice, and you never know what a child is going through at home. Our children might not come from the most prosperous neighborhoods, but that does not mean that they do not deserve the same opportunities in life as everyone else, where a child comes from should not determine where they end up. Working at Freedom Schools have given me a chance to try to make these things I just stated and  believe in a reality. I know I touched some of these children s life, who have ended up touching mine in a great way. No matter that I missed out on sleep, was challenged everyday, frustrated, and aggravated, It was all worth It in the end.

To see these children smile, dream, hope, and have their voices heard was worth everything. I’ve had an amazing summer, and I am sad to see it end. But just because it is over, does not mean that I will stop fighting for justice for everyone, but especially justice for children. ALL children deserve to be healthy, happy, safe, and have the necessities to reach their full potential in life.  It’s a shame that all children do not have these basic rights and we have to work together to help make children’s life’s better, because we don’t do it, then who will?.  “my theory is strong people do not need strong leader”- Ella Baker. Thank you for reading, hope you like this deviation from the norm on my blog. What causes are you passionate about? I’d love to know!




How I Clean My Makeup Brushes


Hey ya’ll, I hope that everyone had an awesome weekend. So today I am going to be talking about how I clean my makeup brushes, and a new way that I have discovered that works so well for me. First off, lawd I have tried multiple ways to clean my makeup brushes and each way was just so so. I’ve tried vinegar, soap, scrubbing, soaking, baby soap, and to my chagrin, none of them worked perfectly. It’s doubly annoying because I don’t have that many brushes , and I just want the ones I do have clean. So anyway I watched a this video on YouTube and this method worked awesomely for me:

I just used a method dish washing cleaner, and grape seed oil, because I am out of extra virgin olive, and it worked just the same. Left my brushes clean, nice smelling and disinfected. Thanks for reading, how do you guys clean your brushes?


Easy and fast Hair style: Braided Perm Rod set

Hey Ya’ll so I was browsing YouTube for new hair styles to try, and I got inspired by videos on the flexi-rod braid out, so I decided to try the look. So I tried it and while I did like it, I didn’t like how it shrunk my hair up. The flexi-rods are longer than my hair, so I had to wrap it around the braid, instead or just wrapping it around the end, like you can do if your hair is longer. So I decided to use perm rods instead, they are smaller, so I can just wrap them around the ends of my hair.

Products: Perm Rods, Hair Rules leave in (trying to use it up) Naptural85’s oil, Denman Brush, and Ecostyler Gel (the clear one).

Here is the Oil Recipe:

Step One: I did this style on stretched old hair. I took sections of medium sizes, braided it halfway down, then wrapped the  part that’s not braided around the perm rod.




Step Two: I then put on my silk bonnet, went to bed and woke up and removed the perm rods and took the braids out from my hair.



Step Three: I added avocado oil to my hands, to help cut down on frizz, as I took the braids out from my hair, this is right after I took my hair down.



Step Fours: After Lots of rubbing with the balls of my fingers and using the pick at my scalp, this was the end style and I loved it.



Thanks for reading! What styles has YouTube inspired you to try lately?




Simple, Easy, Makeup, still going strong!


Hey ya’ll so I have totally still been wearing this makeup look all the time, yes it’s still going strong. I am a creature of habit sometimes, though I promise to post how I am changing it up soon. I just thought it would be cool to post on how I pair the same eye look with different cheek and lip products. So this is the makeup that I have been wearing recently, since I do work with children five days a week, I want to keep it easy, and not too much so it doesn’t slide off my face when I am playing four square at recess, Ha Ha four square is intense when we play!


As you can see, it’s not too many products, and I also didn’t use foundation or anything with this look, it is pretty much the same products as last time.





1. IMG_0916

I love this lipstick, I was going to get  RiRi Woo, but I bought Ruby Woo instead  and I love it, I am a sucker for matte lipsticks. If you put on lip liner, this stays on all day, through eating, drinking, and whatever you are doing.


I really love this sleek countour kit, I am pretty sad that the highlighter is breaking though :(. I have been using this thing everyday for months, and have yet to hit pan. I really like this Murad concealer for pimples, but I am not a concealer connoisseur as I have not used man… yet.  I love love this cream blush from NYX in hot pink, it is pigmented, blend-able, and lasts for a long time.


Love Love this Mica gel eyeliner, I got in an Ipsy bag a few months ago, it stays put all day. As you guys might know this is my all time favorite out of any cream shadow, this is Top Brass from Benefit. It great as a base and on its own, or even paired with one other eye shadow.

4. IMG_0922

I really like this eye shadow from the Balm I got in and Ipsy bag, I really want to get this whole palette.


This eyebrow palette is the second one I have got from NYX and I love it, though on hotter days I do use brown gel from elf instead of the wax because it will sweat off, and not stay out.

Well thank you guys for reading, and what makeup looks or products, that you can’t seem to stray from lately?

June Favorites!

Hey Ya’ll, sSorry I have been AWOL for a minute, but I have pretty busy with my sister’s graduation party, work, volunteering and just having an overall fun summer. But I am back, and today I will be talking about my must haves for June, I know, I know it’s July 🙂 just bare with me!

June favorites



1. Dessert Essence: Thoroughly clean face wash: I really like this stuff, I don’t have really bad acne, but I do get breakouts and this stuff helps to control it. I only use this at night with my Clarisonic because I find it can be drying.

2. NYX Blush: Hot Pink: I have been wearing this almost everyday because it goes with many many makeup looks, when I first got this in my Ipsy Bag I was like meh, but I decided to try it out and I love it, it gives a nice subtle rosey glow.


3. Essie: First Timer: So I finally broke down and bought it after weeks of stalking it at Target ha ha (dude 8 bucks is expensive for nail polish) after seeing it so much on YouTube and Instagram, and I can say it’s worth the hype and is a awesomely original green color, at least to me.
4. Tree Hut: Shea Body butter: I love this stuff, smells delicious but not over bearing, and  is really affordable and hydrating.
5. M.A.C: Expensive Pink: I recently started wearing this color again, and I have fallen in love with it again, and remember why its was the first M.A.C eye shadow I bought, not that I have a ton. It’s easy to apply and looks great for summer!



6. M.A.C Rubiwoo: I adore this color, I  went to M.A.C and was deciding between this and RIRIwoo but decided to get this and I am glad I did. It’s long lasting, Matt and overall awesome!



7. NYX: eyebrow Kit: I love this, it’s super easy to use, I am going on my second one!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and thanks for reading! Have you tried any of these products, and what were your June favorite?

* pictures i did not take my self


Makeup Of The Day!!

Hey you guys, I hope you all have been having an awesome week! Today I am going to show you guys a makeup look I have been loving lately. I am not a professional makeup artist ha ha, but I really love trying new looks, so here it is.



So I really like this look because it’s simple and fresh, and I love the pop of color on the lips, bright lipstick is usually my go to anyway. On my face I wore Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in Walnut.



On my eyes I used the Lorac Pro Palette. On my eyelids I used Mauve, and on the crease I used a little bit of sable  just to give a little definition. I used Benefit’s Girl Meets Pearl to highlight my inner corner and brow bone, and I used Benefit’s Bad gal Lash on what else ha ha, my lashes. I also used the Cailyn purple gel eyeliner i got in my Glam Bag to line my eyes.



I had Wet & Wild’s Cherry Picking on my lips, and on my cheeks I wore a NYX cream blush I got in my Glam Bag, in the color Hot Pink and I used the Sleek contour kit to define.  

Here is a picture of the products I used.



Here are swatches of the Wet & Wild lipstick, and the Lorac Pro Palette eye shadows. Sable is the first swatch and Mauve is the second.



Thanks for reading guys! Let me know if you want a more in depth review on any of the products used. Also let me know what product you have been loving for you daily makeup routine.