Bath and Body Works Mini Haul!

Hey ya’ll. hope everything is going well. So I don’t know about you guys but I usually only go to Bath & Body Works if there is a sell on candles, because full I can’t afford to get these bad boys full price all the time (meaning never), they’re are expensive! I don’t really ever get anything else, when I saw these were 3 for $20 I had to stop in. So here is what I got:


I was surprised that I liked this one because I don’t usually like the sweet scents one, I find them too much and they start to smell sickly sweet and give me a headache. But I really like this smell, because it’s sweet but not too much.


I love this smell, I really like Pumpkin and Apply smells for the fall.



This one is my favorite , I really like more Spicy scents in the winter and fall and this was right up my alley.

*got these pics off the internet, because my camera wasn’t charged.

Thank for reading, and let me know if you guys have tried these specific candles, or do you like Bath & Bodywork candles. Also let me know of some other candles you love, looking to branch out!