September Favorites!

Hey Guys, so i am a bit late on my September favorites, but It’s only one day, so I think I am all good. I have been loving a few things lately and rediscovering some old faves, so September has been a pretty good month in beauty products for me! the first thing I have been loving is:

Nars Blush: Seduction



So I was going back to Sephora to return something (  A Benefit boxed thing, I don’t know what’s the problem with me and Benefit products) and ending up spending even more money ha ha, go figure. But I wanted to try a Nars blush since I don’t have any, I swatched this, almost fainted over the price tag, recovered and got this color,  this one just screamed fall to me. It has pretty good pigmentation (though I’ve seen better) but it is really build-able and easy to blend. It’s the perfect plum shade to me, and this is the only shade I have like this.


Urban Decay: Deluxe Shadow Box:


I have been really loving this palette, I got it for a great deal,  the colors are pigmented, go on smoothly and are easy to blend, it’s been really fun experimenting with bright colors. I have really loving putting shag on my lid, underground in my crease, zero in my outer corner and putting Random, peace, or graffiti on my lower lash line. I’ve been really loving putting bright colors on my lower lash line, it really makes my eyes POP under my glasses!

Price: $10.00

Urban Decay: 24/7 glide on liner in Perversion


This eyeliner really lives up to it’s name, if I put this stuff on with primer , it can sometimes be a nuisance getting it of, without leaving any trace of it. But I do love it, it’s really black, goes on smoothly, and stays on until you take it off. The only thing I can’t get over is the disrespectful price tag ha ha, I might have to get some more NYX eyeliners in my life.

Laura Mercier: Tinted Moisturizer

Price: $19.00



So this is another product with a crazy price tag $43, but everyone raved about it so much I saved my money, caved, and bought it. I have to say it is pretty awesome, when worn with a primer, doesn’t make my skin oily in my T-zone, stays on, and evens my skin tone, it’s light coverage, but you might be able to make it medium. If you’re looking for magic, I don’t know if this would be it,  but this is the best tinted moisturizer I have tried so far. I haven’t worn it all summer, but these last couple of weeks I have been wearing it everyday.

Price: $43.00

Wet & Wild: SugarPlumFairy & Revlon: Raspberry Bite:



So these lipsticks have totally been like crack to me, I have been wearing them all month. I love these types of purply colors anyway so I reach for them a lot. I remember back when I used to be scared to wear lipstick, and now I look back and think, what the heck was I thinking. Anyways the Wet & Wild one is my ALL time favorite lipstick ever, yes, yes, i know it’s a tall claim to make, and kind of premature, but it’s so true. It’s cheap, goes with everything (IMO) and lasts all day, I seriously always have an extra in case of the day I won’t be able to find it, it’s that serious ya’ll. I have just been loving the Revlon one also, to me it just screams fall, it’s pigmented, and lasts for a long time, i do have to touch up, but not all day.

Price: $1.99 & $5.49



(Seduction, SugarPlumFairy, Raspberry Bite, Laura Mercier, and Perversion)

Wet & wild: Atten Hut?& Sally Hansen: Flirt:

IMG_1162 IMG_1161

I have been loving these nail colors, I think the Wet & Wild one is unique, and I love the color and texture of it, I think’s it a great fall color. I LOVE the Sally Hansen one, it’s a perfect fall color, and I couldn’t get a great picture of it, but it has shimmer in it, that gives it an awesome touch.

Price: $2.25 & $4.49

So those are all my beauty favorites for September, thanks for reading. Let me know in the comments what beauty products you have been loving this month!!!






June Glam Bag!!

Hey you guys,  how are you guys doing?  I hope you’re having an awesome week! Sorry I have been MIA for awhile, but I was in TN for a week. It was for training for my job, and I had so much fun! Anyway let me get to the review, today i’ll be reviewing the June Glam Bag!

June Glam Bag


So first of all, one of my favorite things about Ipsy is that you get a new makeup bag every month and this one is really cute. So here are the products I got in my bag!


1.NYX Blush

NYX Cream Blush-Hot Pink: This has an okay consistency, it’s a little too wet for me honesty, But I do like the color.

Price: $6.00:  I think this is a good price, so I  would definitely try out some different colors.


2. photo (4)


Cailyn-Line Fix Gel Eyeliner in Purple: I Love this!!! It’s creamy, and a great color. It is also long lasting,  when i washed my hands and scrubbed it, the eyeliner was still on. I really love that this has a built in brush!

Price: $21.00: Ooooh this is pretty pricey, but I think it would be worth it. I will try this out some more and see if I want to purchase more from this brand while I get 30% off. I was really excited because I am really getting into gel eyeliner.


Psssst!-Dry Shampoo: I did not really like this, but i honestly just think it’s my hair type because i have kinky curly hair, it tends to be dry instead of greasy. I heard it’s great for fine hair though.
Price:13.98: I mean if it works it’s not to bad of an price.
4.J cattBeauty
J.Cat Beauty-Sparkling Cream Palette: I think this palette is just meh,  I was excited because I don’t have any glitter eye shadows because I just don’t wear them. But there is major fallout with these and they are not that pigmented.
Price:$4.49: I think the price is okay, I would try it is I saw it in the store, but I would not repurchase this.
5.Starlooks lip pencil
Starlooks lip Pencil-Tickle Me Pink: This was just okay,  it looked chalky on my lips, and not just the color because of my skin tone, but because of the finish.  But i’ll play with and it a little more, and try it with a couple of lipsticks and see how it looks.
Price:$12.00: I would not pay 12.00 for this, its not worth it in my opinion.


Overall I think that this was a good Glam Bag, mostly for the gel eyeliner since it is originally $21!  How did you guys like the June Glam Bag? Let me know in the comments!



Ipsy March Glam Bag


So i received my March Glam Bag at the beginning of the week, and i had a chance to try things out my products for a few days. First off a lot of people think that subscription services are rip-offs, but I think that they are fun. If I can get a couple great products out of them, then I think that they worth it. This is a reason I cancelled my BirchBox subscription after I tried it for a few months, because I kept getting duds, and it wasn’t worth my money. Ramble aside, now on to the review!

The Make Up Bag: I loved this bag, it’s roomy, cute, and a great pattern for spring and summer.

Price: free

Would I buy: I don’t have to got it for free, but I would if I saw it at Target or something.

The Compact: GlamRX mini free style palette: Cute style and color, but I don’t think it’s anything spectacular unless you plan on buying the eye shadows (not sold GlamRX), I don’t know what else you can fit in here. So it’s not practical for to me to carry around.

Price: $16.50, but not for this one, they only sell the GlamRX touch up palette and that comes with concealer, tinted lip balm, shine erase powder, and a black eyeliner.

Would I buy: Nah, I mean if you don’t already have these things, or if you love the compact ( which a handy size), then maybe you might want to check it out

Yaby Eye shadow: I got two colors, So Vein (Teal color) and Sand Dune (self explainable ha ha). I love the teal color I used it a liner and it was pigmented and stayed all day, the sand dune color was eh, just okay. You can use them dry or wet.

Price: Awesome, only 3.29 each, very affordable

Would I buy: Yes I would check out some more colors, and then maybe I would use the palette ha ha

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist: Smells good, light and herbal. It is supposed to tone, hydrate, and refresh. I did not like this, I wanted to though because the ingredients in it are good things like Organic aloe juice, and organic grape juice. I cleansed my face in the morning and sprayed this. It left a sticky film on my face for the whole day, it was uncomfortable. It didn’t make my face look any better, and made it kind of oily. Also be sure to hold it a ways away from your face because it does not come out like a mist.

Price: $22 for 6.25, I don’t think it worth it honestly, I would use it up so fast.

Would I buy: definitely not, I don’t even want to finish up the sample

La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes: Smell is light and fresh, and did the job. I didn’t love these, though I liked how they had vitamin E so they made my skin feel moisturized after I used them, so would be great for travel.

Price: $1.99 ($1.49 right now), super affordable only comes with eight wipes though, but for travel they’re great.

Would I buy: Hmm maybe for travel, but regularly I don’t think so. I can pay $3 more bucks, and get more accessible ones, with a 30ct, and I don’t have to pay shipping and wait for them to arrive

Overall Grade:

I did not love my Glam Bag this month, I did not discover anything that I wanted to pick up right away, or was instantly wowed by. I liked the wipes and the SO Vein eye shadow, but I could definitely pass on them!


Are you subscribed to Glam bag, and if so did you like you March one? Please let me know what else you would like to see me post about. Thinking of doing some about college?