Target Haul!

Hey Everyone! So I know I was supposed to do my makeup I have been loving, but I totally forgot to take a picture of my makeup, so I’d thought I’d do a target hall. I am very proud of myself, because I actually just got all the products I have been looking for. You all know how it can be, you go in for one thing and come out with 50 ha ha. So I have two Holy Grail and one new product. So if you have curly hair you might be interested.

DUO Eyelash Adhesive:

Price: $4.19 but prices do vary

So I got this stuff because I have used it before and liked it, honestly I am not a false eyelash person, but I’d be able to wear them for special occassions or if I go out, so I have been practicing, and I have been getting better!


*Camilla Rose Moisture Milk:

Price: 14.99 but I got it on sell today for 13 something

All of her products smell good, sweet but not overly sweet, which is nice because I am not a fan of. I am excited to try this because I have purched the OYIN hair milk 2x and loved it, but I wanted to try something new. So i’ll keep you all updated on how this works.

Camilla Rose Algae Deep Conditioner:

Price:19.99 but I got it on sell for $17.99

So I LOVE this stuff and haved purchases it several times, it rich, lasts for about a month to six weeks (I use a lot of conditioner) and use it about once or twice a week, and sometimes I add olive oil to it, if my hair is super dry. So yes  yes this stuff is expensive, and yes there are other deep conditioners, but this is a love affair that won’t break, For my fine strand, dry tightly coiled hair, this stuff is the I have tried others but I always come back.


Here is a picture of the two hair products and you can see how thick the conditoner is? It’s the one on the left.IMG_3696

Well that is all for now, do you have any new Target products you have been loving? Let me know if you like a more extensive hair products list or hair routine.

Thanks for reading, and have an awesome day!


*Picture is not my own


Im Back!!

Hey all,

So i have been MIA for a little whole *cough *cough (Months) but I am back. My computer messed up for a while and had to send it and get it fixed, then i started a new semester of classes, got a new job, and stated a fellowship *phew tiring me out just thinking about it, ha ha. Anyway I am back, and excited because I have a lot of new ideas and things to talk about. I hope you guys stick with me to see what I have come up with. What have you all been up too, i would love to know!

September Favorites!

Hey Guys, so i am a bit late on my September favorites, but It’s only one day, so I think I am all good. I have been loving a few things lately and rediscovering some old faves, so September has been a pretty good month in beauty products for me! the first thing I have been loving is:

Nars Blush: Seduction



So I was going back to Sephora to return something (  A Benefit boxed thing, I don’t know what’s the problem with me and Benefit products) and ending up spending even more money ha ha, go figure. But I wanted to try a Nars blush since I don’t have any, I swatched this, almost fainted over the price tag, recovered and got this color,  this one just screamed fall to me. It has pretty good pigmentation (though I’ve seen better) but it is really build-able and easy to blend. It’s the perfect plum shade to me, and this is the only shade I have like this.


Urban Decay: Deluxe Shadow Box:


I have been really loving this palette, I got it for a great deal,  the colors are pigmented, go on smoothly and are easy to blend, it’s been really fun experimenting with bright colors. I have really loving putting shag on my lid, underground in my crease, zero in my outer corner and putting Random, peace, or graffiti on my lower lash line. I’ve been really loving putting bright colors on my lower lash line, it really makes my eyes POP under my glasses!

Price: $10.00

Urban Decay: 24/7 glide on liner in Perversion


This eyeliner really lives up to it’s name, if I put this stuff on with primer , it can sometimes be a nuisance getting it of, without leaving any trace of it. But I do love it, it’s really black, goes on smoothly, and stays on until you take it off. The only thing I can’t get over is the disrespectful price tag ha ha, I might have to get some more NYX eyeliners in my life.

Laura Mercier: Tinted Moisturizer

Price: $19.00



So this is another product with a crazy price tag $43, but everyone raved about it so much I saved my money, caved, and bought it. I have to say it is pretty awesome, when worn with a primer, doesn’t make my skin oily in my T-zone, stays on, and evens my skin tone, it’s light coverage, but you might be able to make it medium. If you’re looking for magic, I don’t know if this would be it,  but this is the best tinted moisturizer I have tried so far. I haven’t worn it all summer, but these last couple of weeks I have been wearing it everyday.

Price: $43.00

Wet & Wild: SugarPlumFairy & Revlon: Raspberry Bite:



So these lipsticks have totally been like crack to me, I have been wearing them all month. I love these types of purply colors anyway so I reach for them a lot. I remember back when I used to be scared to wear lipstick, and now I look back and think, what the heck was I thinking. Anyways the Wet & Wild one is my ALL time favorite lipstick ever, yes, yes, i know it’s a tall claim to make, and kind of premature, but it’s so true. It’s cheap, goes with everything (IMO) and lasts all day, I seriously always have an extra in case of the day I won’t be able to find it, it’s that serious ya’ll. I have just been loving the Revlon one also, to me it just screams fall, it’s pigmented, and lasts for a long time, i do have to touch up, but not all day.

Price: $1.99 & $5.49



(Seduction, SugarPlumFairy, Raspberry Bite, Laura Mercier, and Perversion)

Wet & wild: Atten Hut?& Sally Hansen: Flirt:

IMG_1162 IMG_1161

I have been loving these nail colors, I think the Wet & Wild one is unique, and I love the color and texture of it, I think’s it a great fall color. I LOVE the Sally Hansen one, it’s a perfect fall color, and I couldn’t get a great picture of it, but it has shimmer in it, that gives it an awesome touch.

Price: $2.25 & $4.49

So those are all my beauty favorites for September, thanks for reading. Let me know in the comments what beauty products you have been loving this month!!!





Face Of The Day: Purple Passion

Hey You guy, I hope everyone having a great day! My day is going great (besides homework) because I finally got to see my little niece in person Yay! She was so cute and it made my day.


Anyway I am writing about a look I decided to do with the Urban Decay Shadowbox Deluxe.  Now I don’t normally wear a bright eye, it’s usually neutral, or bright eyeliner or something, but I wanted to try it out, because I just got this palette with all these colorful eye shadows, and this is how my look turned out. Hopefully you guys don’t think I look like Mimi  ha ha.



So on my face I used Laura Mercier tinted Foundation in Walnut: I really like this stuff, it gives my skin a more flawless look, without feeling heavy, or cakey, but I do find that even though it’s oil free, if I don’t use a primer, or setting spray, I do have to blot my face during the day. This is great if you’re like me and have an aversion to foundation ha ha.


I also used Pixi Flawless Finish: I really like this stuff, it works well for my combination skin, and keeps my skin matte all day, though I do like the Smash box Primer better, because it works and feels better, but this is a more affordable option for me.


For my eyes I First used Urban Decay Primer Potion: I love this stuff, even though I don’t really have to oily eyelids, it makes my eye shadow stay(even bottom Liner) the whole day, and I mean the WHOLE day, through rain, hail, or shine, even if my other makeup has sweated off, my eyes are still perfect. Also it lasts forever since you only need a tiny bit.


Next I used Fishnet all over the lid, Ransom in the crease, and Zero in the outer corner, and Peace to liner my bottom lashes.

photo (7)

These eye shadows were really easy to work with, they were vibrant and lasted all day.


I used Navy liner instead of black because i felt it went with this look better and wasn’t as harsh.

photo (2)

On my lashes I used:

For the lips I used: MAC Magenta lip pencil  and MAC Rebel: I really love these color together, the lip pencil give Rebel a more pinky lighter vibe. Magenta is my first MAC pencil and honestly though this a gorgeous color, the lip pencil formulation is not that special, for the color it was a good purchase, but for the formulation it wasn’t. Also if you’re looming looking for a dupe to Rebel try Wet & Wild Sugar Plum Fairy, my all time favorite lipstick!

photo (5)photo (6)

photo (3)

So even though these colors were out of my comfort zine because they were BRIGHT as heck, I definitely loved the look, and I got a lot of compliments. So this reminded me to take more risks and change it up with my makeup. What do you think of this look, would you try it? Also how have you been changing up your makeup recently? Thanks for reading, and have and awesome day.

*I got these pictures of the internet.

Urban Decay Sale Haul!



Hey you guys, hope you all are having a great day. Well about a week ago, I ordered a few things from urban decay when I saw that they were having a sale, and these items were too good a deal to pass up! The first things that I got was the:

1. The Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box Palette:



This case is made out of a purple velvet material,  which I like because it should keep away fingerprints pretty well, It has a magnetic closure which is pretty string and bling on the front which is a nice touch.



This palette comes with nine eye shadows, two eye brushes and a mini size bottle of Primer Potion. The eye brushes are useless to me since i’ll never use them, but the eye shadows are well formulated and pigmented when i swatched them. I got this originally because it was on sale, and also I don’t have any if the first two rows (besides black) in my collection.


Here how the shadows look when swatched my favorite colors so far are Shag, Honey, and Ransom.

Price: $38.00 @  $10.00

I think the sale price is so worth it, go buy it ha ha,  but too be honest I don’t know if I would have bought it if it wasn’t on sale.

The Second Item I got was:

Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20:


I do not use much  foundation, or tinted moisturizer, but I do like to try new things out, I like this so far, I like the consistency, the wear, and the oil control, but I only tried it twice so i need some more time, to really formulate my opinion.


Looking at it on my skin, I didn’t think that it would match but it blended in pretty nicely


I like how it had spf!

Price: $30.00  $5.00

I think that this is a great sale price and and I think this is an awesome time to try it out!


Well that is all guys for now guys, let me know if you would like a makeup look using these products. Also if there are any makeup items you have tried lately from Urban Decay.






Bath and Body Works Mini Haul!

Hey ya’ll. hope everything is going well. So I don’t know about you guys but I usually only go to Bath & Body Works if there is a sell on candles, because full I can’t afford to get these bad boys full price all the time (meaning never), they’re are expensive! I don’t really ever get anything else, when I saw these were 3 for $20 I had to stop in. So here is what I got:


I was surprised that I liked this one because I don’t usually like the sweet scents one, I find them too much and they start to smell sickly sweet and give me a headache. But I really like this smell, because it’s sweet but not too much.


I love this smell, I really like Pumpkin and Apply smells for the fall.



This one is my favorite , I really like more Spicy scents in the winter and fall and this was right up my alley.

*got these pics off the internet, because my camera wasn’t charged.

Thank for reading, and let me know if you guys have tried these specific candles, or do you like Bath & Bodywork candles. Also let me know of some other candles you love, looking to branch out!