Review: Lorac Pro Palette

Hey Ya’ll!! Long time no see. Sorry for being M.I.A for awhile, but I have been busy, I went to MI to visit some friends of mine that graduated for a little over a week, and then I came back and started a new job. But i’m back, and now on to the review. So today i’ll be talking about the Lorac Pro palette that I got a few weeks ago.

So here is the outside of the palette, I like the sleekness of it and the black matte finish. But just like the other brands that use this type of finish, it can be annoying because it attracts fingerprints and powder easily. But it’s not a big deal for me.



Here are the colors since the words are so small: Top Row: White, Cream, Lt. Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso, Black

Bottom Row: Nude, Champagne, Gold, Lt. Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple, Slate

I do wish the mirror covered the whole top half of the palette though.



Ingredients: So as stated before in different blog posts,  I prefer all natural, cruelty free products in beauty, but when I looked up most of the ingredients (although questionable) they were found not to be derived from animals (Feel free to correct me) WooHoo, and Lorac’s statement: ” LORAC does not conduct, condone, nor endorse testing on animals.” eased my worries.

Here are the swatches: I love how these feel, creamy, and easy to blend and work with!



Problem Eye shadows: The pink one, I tested it on my skin, and friends with way lighter skin tones, and it’s a little blah on all, but definitely looks better on lighter skin tones, in my opinion.

Favorite Eye shadows: Gold-it’s so pretty and makes your eyes pop, but is not too brash, Bronze-so pretty especially for summer, Garnet-I fell in love with this rose tone bronzey color

Overall Impressions: I love how it has a matte and satin sheen sections, I think this palette went right where the Naked Palette went wrong, matte colors, not large glitter chunks, and no fallout! I wish I would have got this first instead of the Naked Palette honestly. I have both and I still use them both, and love both. But if I could only get one, I would choose the Lorac Palette.

Price: $42, definitely a great price as I feel this will last me a long time.


Do you have this palette, if so what do you think of it? Let me know if you would like some tutorials on looks with this palette! As always thanks for reading and following me!




Super Easy Makeup Look!


Hey Ya’ll. So i wore this makeup look today and i was pleased at how well it turned out, and it was super easy! So i wore this on a chill Sunday, going to the mall with friends, and then later to dinner at my mom’s house. These are the products that i used:


  • Tarte-Lights, camera.lashes: First of all i love the name! I really like this mascara. it is one of the few high end mascaras that i actually like. I like the brush, formulation, and how easy it is to get off
  • NYX-Eyebrow Kit: I LOVE this kit, it is portable, easy to work with, and a great price. I can totally do a separate review later if you guys want, because i was sort of confused at how to use this at first.
  • The Balm -Meet Matt(e)-Matt Batali:  THis is a pretty deep burgundy color, i really like it. It’s easy, bendable and very pigmented, I’ve been considering getting the whole palette, but it isn’t something i really covet.
  • MicaBeauty- Gel Liner: I love this, i was never really into gel liner (liquid liner junkie) until i got this in my glam bag. But now i love gel liner! This made me finally try the Bobbi Brown gel liner (more on that later).
  • NYX powder blush-Cinnamon: I like this blush because i think it is perfect for summer.  I love how it is subtle and warms up my face. Though i do think the quality could be better.
  • Benefit-creaseless cream eye shadow in top brass: I love this, this is the very first cream eye shadow i have ever used (not the last though) and my favorite s. It is so far. Keep in the old form though keep in mind.

Here is a close up picture of my eyes. To get this look i applied the creaseless cream eye shadow all over my lids, crease, brow bone  and inner corner. Then i used the balm eye shadow in my outer corner and blended it into my crease. I Applied liner, mascara, blush and then done. Oh on my lips is a Revlon lip gloss!

IMG_0415 IMG_0416


Hope you guys liked the post and thanks for reading! Let me know what simple look you guys have been loving lately and if you have tried any of the products listed.



Wet n WIld Mega Impact Mascara


Hey Ya’ll! So i found a new mascara i really like, i have been using the Tart one and i really like that. But a few days ago i put on my makeup, left the house, and realized i didn’t have mascara on, this happens to me more often than i like to admit ha ha. Usually i’d just be like “eh” but i had a work meeting and after was going shopping and to lunch with friends. So i decided to stop at CVS and pick up a mascara, and i wanted something pretty cheap, so i picked up this, and i really like it. I loved how full it made my lashes look and feel. I hate when my lashes feel dry and crunchy. This mascara didn’t do that. Plus the formula is perfect for me, not to dry or wet.


The wand is awesome, like how fat it is. Here is my eye with the mascara on. 



Here is my eye without it. As you can see it made my lashes look fuller and curled them up.


All in all this is a good mascara for a great price. You can buy wet n wild at most drugstores.

Price: $4.99

Pros and Cons: Pros- great price, makes lashes fuller, curls lashes, great formula, Cons- not for me because i usually focus on full lashes not length, but this is not for you if you like  lots of length, as it did give me some length. 

Thanks for reading! What mascara have you been loving lately.


April Glam Bag!



Hey ya’ll! So today i am writing about my Ipsy bag that i received this month. I totally have a love hate relationship with subscription services. On one hand i love the surprise and new products, but i hate when (in my opinion)  they suck. But I think that they are worth it if i can get at least one product that i love!  Anyhoo here are the products:

1.Be a Bombshell: Beach Please, I love the name

I loved this! I totally ordered from them as soon as i tried it (which i will post about later). Don’t be fooled by the internet picture, this  is  so much brighter in person, a bright, hot pink. The left is the first swatch, and i was like OH, but then i blended a little, and i was like OOOH. It is pigmented, blendable, and stays on all day. I like the packaging, it reminds me of M.A.C’s,  But these are a little over 5g while M.A.C is a little over 6g.

Beach please 3blush beach please

Price: $16: I definitely think it is worth it for the quality i like these better than M.A.C blushes

Pros and Cons:  All Pros

Worth it? YES


2.HealthySexyHair: Soy renewal

This in not typically a product i would go for, but i decided to give it a shot. This was terrible, it made my hair feel dry and sticky, i washed immediately. Being a curly gurl, my hair loves oil, but not this. Maybe because all of the good ingredients were at the bottom of the ingredients list?


price: $21.95 Not too bad if you love it, since you’d probably only use it a once in awhile

Pros and Cons: No Pros

Worth it?: NOPE


3. MicaBeauty: Mineral Eyeshadow in Earth

So this was an EH product for me, mostly because of the color, it is not something i would really wear, maybe every once in awhile, mostly because of the glitter. Also me and mineral eyeshadow do not get along, i love them, but sometimes trying to put them on is a pain in my rear, so i don’t use them very often. Just admire them from afar :).

Mica beauty


Price: $14.95, umm a little steep in my opinion, but what do i know (*cough *cough M.A.C eyeshadows)

Pros and Cons: Um no Pros or Cons

Worth it? Nah i’ll Pass


4. Miss Professional Hair Color: Sation

Okay, so i liked that this is full size, but that’s the only positive.  I know this is a baby pink polish, but it was WAYYY too sheer. It did nothing. Plus the formulation wasn’t the best, kind of gloopy.


Price: $5, okay i guess, but shoot an $1 NYC nail polish it better than this

Pros and Cons:  Cons Not the best formulation and too sheer, Pros it was a full size product

Worth it? Nah


Do you suscribe to Ipsy, if so tell me what you thought about this months bag? Thanks for reading!!




Burt’s Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream


So… i was at Target a few days ago, just to get some dish washing liquid. But um, who goes into Target and gets just the one thing they were looking for? Not me, that’s who. So this face wash is one of the things i picked up. I was in the mood to try a new one anyways. So I tried it for a few days and i love it! I love the smell,( but i don’t think it is a smell that everyone will like), it’s light so and not overwhelming so if you hate it i doesn’t linger. It’s is also really thick, creamy and moisturizing.


Here it is on my hand, so you can see how creamy it is. I like how when i washed my face it left my face still feeling supple and moisturized. I hate when my face gets that dry tight feeling. It also got rid of all my dirt and make-up, because when i used my toner and a cotton pad, the pad was dirt free, yay a major plus in my book. I don’t know how it will fair with heavier foundations and such since i only wear tinted moisturizer.  I also like the ingredients it has.ImageI like how it has no paraben, petrochemicals, animal testing and such. I always search for a leaping bunny or cruelty free logo on my products. All in all you guys should check this out if you’re in the market for a new face wash.

Price: $7.99, a great deal


Be sure to let me know if you guys have tried this face wash, and let me know what your favorite face wash is. Thanks for reading!

Ipsy March Glam Bag


So i received my March Glam Bag at the beginning of the week, and i had a chance to try things out my products for a few days. First off a lot of people think that subscription services are rip-offs, but I think that they are fun. If I can get a couple great products out of them, then I think that they worth it. This is a reason I cancelled my BirchBox subscription after I tried it for a few months, because I kept getting duds, and it wasn’t worth my money. Ramble aside, now on to the review!

The Make Up Bag: I loved this bag, it’s roomy, cute, and a great pattern for spring and summer.

Price: free

Would I buy: I don’t have to got it for free, but I would if I saw it at Target or something.

The Compact: GlamRX mini free style palette: Cute style and color, but I don’t think it’s anything spectacular unless you plan on buying the eye shadows (not sold GlamRX), I don’t know what else you can fit in here. So it’s not practical for to me to carry around.

Price: $16.50, but not for this one, they only sell the GlamRX touch up palette and that comes with concealer, tinted lip balm, shine erase powder, and a black eyeliner.

Would I buy: Nah, I mean if you don’t already have these things, or if you love the compact ( which a handy size), then maybe you might want to check it out

Yaby Eye shadow: I got two colors, So Vein (Teal color) and Sand Dune (self explainable ha ha). I love the teal color I used it a liner and it was pigmented and stayed all day, the sand dune color was eh, just okay. You can use them dry or wet.

Price: Awesome, only 3.29 each, very affordable

Would I buy: Yes I would check out some more colors, and then maybe I would use the palette ha ha

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist: Smells good, light and herbal. It is supposed to tone, hydrate, and refresh. I did not like this, I wanted to though because the ingredients in it are good things like Organic aloe juice, and organic grape juice. I cleansed my face in the morning and sprayed this. It left a sticky film on my face for the whole day, it was uncomfortable. It didn’t make my face look any better, and made it kind of oily. Also be sure to hold it a ways away from your face because it does not come out like a mist.

Price: $22 for 6.25, I don’t think it worth it honestly, I would use it up so fast.

Would I buy: definitely not, I don’t even want to finish up the sample

La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes: Smell is light and fresh, and did the job. I didn’t love these, though I liked how they had vitamin E so they made my skin feel moisturized after I used them, so would be great for travel.

Price: $1.99 ($1.49 right now), super affordable only comes with eight wipes though, but for travel they’re great.

Would I buy: Hmm maybe for travel, but regularly I don’t think so. I can pay $3 more bucks, and get more accessible ones, with a 30ct, and I don’t have to pay shipping and wait for them to arrive

Overall Grade:

I did not love my Glam Bag this month, I did not discover anything that I wanted to pick up right away, or was instantly wowed by. I liked the wipes and the SO Vein eye shadow, but I could definitely pass on them!


Are you subscribed to Glam bag, and if so did you like you March one? Please let me know what else you would like to see me post about. Thinking of doing some about college?